90th Anniversary Idylwood Tour of Homes

Idylwood celebrated 90 years with a tour of homes held on Saturday, October 6, 2018. This microsite was set up so that the Civic Club could promote the event and sell tickets and tee shirts. It's been modified and still stands today so people can continue to enjoy some of the beautiful homes that were on display during the home tour and the unique beauty of the neighborhood itself.

2018 Tour of Homes

  • 6669 Park Lane

    Carp Studios The creative personalities of the owners permeate the whimsical eclectic décor of this 1940 bungalow. Between the Carp fish door-knocker … Continue Reading »

    6669 Park Lane
  • 6645 Fairfield Street

    The Buck-Baxter House Named for its first two owners and long-time residents, this 1935 brick cottage invites you to step inside and pause. Absorb … Continue Reading »

    6645 Fairfield Street
  • 6641 Park Lane

    The Squirrel House At 90 years old, this stands among the original homes in Idylwood. A 2015 renovation added modern lighting, including a … Continue Reading »

    6641 Park Lane
  • 6637 Park Lane

    The Tree House For 100 years the Oak Tree stood alone. Its lot remained vacant until just five years ago when the 2-story home was tucked behind it. … Continue Reading »

    6637 Park Lane
  • 1704 Idylwood Drive

    Sal's Garden 1704 Idylwood Drive was built in 1946 in the Minimal Traditional style. The one-story, three-bay house is oriented toward the east, … Continue Reading »

    1704 Idylwood Drive
  • 1402 N. MacGregor Way

    El Encanto! 1402 North MacGregor Way was designed by S. R. Slaughter and built in 1935. The Houston Architectural Guide describes it as “an imageable … Continue Reading »

    1402 N. MacGregor Way